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Up to date news from the BBC. First available from 8th February 2012.

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Scotland's results day: Thousands of pupils have exam grades lowered - 4th August 2020

Testing and tracing 'key to schools returning', scientists say - 4th August 2020

EasyJet increases flights to cope with holidaymaker demand - 4th August 2020

Pizza Express may close 67 outlets and cut 1,100 jobs - 4th August 2020

Coronavirus: Journey from doctor to patient - 4th August 2020

Coronavirus: GCSE students allowed to drop poetry in 2021 exams - 4th August 2020

Chronic pain: Antidepressants not painkillers recommended - 4th August 2020

Kieron Dyer: Two men released over alleged racist abuse - 4th August 2020

Google-Fitbit takeover: EU launches full-scale probe - 4th August 2020

Aberdeen pub cluster cases 'expected to rise' - 4th August 2020

Will Young's twin brother Rupert dies aged 41 - 4th August 2020

Audi drops 'insensitive' girl with banana ad - 4th August 2020

What's going on with TikTok? - 4th August 2020

Pregnancy and coronavirus: How has giving birth changed during the pandemic? - 3rd August 2020

Met Police officer forgives gangster who shot him - 3rd August 2020

James Lovelock: Gaia theory creator on coronavirus and turning 101 - 4th August 2020

'How I found out Pablo Escobar was my father' - 4th August 2020

Beach SOS saves men stranded on tiny Micronesian island - 4th August 2020

Twitter: Athlete Jimmy Watkins' running music reviews a hit - 4th August 2020

The trees that survived the bombing of Hiroshima - 3rd August 2020

The miner who made a million - then struck lucky again - 3rd August 2020

Why does Rocket Ronnie think he is a bit like William? - 3rd August 2020

Virtual house hunting gets a pandemic boost - 3rd August 2020

Spain puzzles over ex-King Juan Carlos's whereabouts - 4th August 2020

How abusive dance teacher went unchecked for decades - 3rd August 2020