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Up to date news from the BBC. First available from 8th February 2012.

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Mueller report: Trump 'tried to get special counsel fired' - 18th April 2019

The Mueller report - in 60 seconds - 18th April 2019

Woman shot dead in Derry after rioting in the city - 18th April 2019

Libya crisis: PM Fayez al-Serraj condemns ‘silence’ of allies - 18th April 2019

Santorini deaths: London teachers killed in buggy crash - 18th April 2019

Sore knee? Maybe you have a fabella - 18th April 2019

Huge increase in Public Spaces Protection Order fines - 18th April 2019

Canada avalanche: Three professional climbers believed killed in Rockies - 18th April 2019

Professional footballers to boycott social media for 24 hours in racism protest - 18th April 2019

Teachers 'paying for resources out of own money' - 18th April 2019

Extinction Rebellion: Climate protests 'diverting' London police - 18th April 2019

European parliament given surprise musical performance - 18th April 2019

Pet insurance payouts hit record of £785m - 18th April 2019

The Papers: Climate protests and Trump probe - 18th April 2019

Quiz of the Week: But what do visitors see outside Notre-Dame? - 18th April 2019

Brexit: I felt unwelcome and returned to Poland - 19th April 2019

'How the Columbine school shooting changed my life' - 19th April 2019

Male synchronised swimmer fighting for gender equality - 19th April 2019

'My boyfriend's sperm, or a donor's?' - 18th April 2019

London sewers blocked by record-breaking 'concreteberg' - 18th April 2019

Viewpoint: Beyonce’s Homecoming celebrates black culture and education - 18th April 2019

Notre-Dame: Family in viral photo found after search - 18th April 2019

Easter travel 2019: Where to avoid on roads and rail - 18th April 2019

BBC News Channel - 11th March 2019

Ukraine election: What a TV box set may tell us about the future - 19th April 2019