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Fasting and Prayer

  Even though our fasting will focus on 14 days of January, 2018, the theme of our fast, "Time to go forward" will last for the whole year. 2017 has been a year of challenges in many ways. These challenges has enabled many to Change and grow, but some have unfortunately derailed. A derailed train though loaded with goods and valuables cannot go forward. It must first be put back on track and for that to happen help is needed. For those that have found themselves derailed, there is good news. Help is at hand. The Holy Spirit is present waiting for us to acknowledge and allows Him to help. We also have the word of God which is our map/compass that shows us the way and we have our fellow brother and sister to pray with us, encourage us and aid us in practical ways. 

The scriptures are clear regarding God's order of things. If we are to see any kind of success in going forward, we must do it God's way and not our own way. He is our Creator and knows more about us than we know of ourselves. Human reasoning and logic is not the way of the spirit. Many become derailed in the first instance because of an ideology of self-centredness and doing things their own way. The truth is when we decide to let go and let God, the benefits far out weigh anything self can produce. You can become the best you that God intended from the beginning. May you find yourself going forward into your God called destiny.  Remember God's order, Matthew 6:33 - "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you." Make God's business your number one priority and God will take care of your business.

Please share on this website your testimonies of what God has done for you during this time. Here is a guide you may wish to use. If you have your own, that's fine!

Here are some tips to help you during this fast:

1.  Make sure your motive is right. It must be about our walk and relationship with God.

2.  Identify obstacles that can derail you. Doubt, fear, unbelif etc.

3.  Find a promise from God's word that addresses the problem and meditate on it every day.

4.  When you have sown that word in your spirit, speak it out (declare, confess call forth thiose thing that be not as though they do exist).

5.  Do not let delay change your confession. Because you can't see it, it does not mean it is not there. Remember, your answer is already prepared. God has already done it. It just needs to be manefested. Your faith is the force to make it happen. Be Patient. Biblical patience is more than sitting back and waiting for something to happen whilst doing nothing. One of the Greek words used is hupomone which is the ability to not succumb whilst under pressure. It is the ability to maintain continuity and not cave in while you are believing for the manefestation of the promise. It is a fruit which is put to work by the believer when it is needed in his/her life. Put this fruit to work during your fast and ensure your words are equal and in line with what God has said about you and the matter in His word.